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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to JSC LenReactiv’s official web-site!

Our web-site is mostly trading and advertising platform that helps us to promote our products and services to the customers in the best way. On the web-site pages, special offers are placed, fresh catalogue arrivals are advertised, and sales are announced on a regular basis. In our on-line catalogue you can choose the products of interest and place an order using On-line Order form, without any phone calls and mails.

Our company proposes a broad range of chemical products for manufacturing and scientific purposes from the company’s stock and for individual needs. The basic products which are always could be found at the stock include:
- laboratory reagents for analytical purposes
- import and technical bulk chemicals for manufacturing
- laboratory glassware and instruments
- laboratory equipment

Furthermore, the company sells chemical reagents, industrial chemicals and laboratory equipment through the retail shop. The retail shop serves both individual customers and companies and provides the clients with sales checks.

Our managers are well-educated, necessarily with higher chemical or technological education and long-term working experience in the chemical market. The mangers duties are preparing contracts, providing customers with prices, delivery terms, current product availability, preparing invoices and other documentation, controlling products delivery.

Our company has got an opportunity to deliver the products by any kind of transport, both own and rent ones, by railway (containers and coaches), and freight baggage. According to your wishes, the products can be delivered to the mentioned place or logistic company. In terms of ex-works, our personnel will provide you with accurate loading the products.

Our company arranges purchases of chemical products and labware on regular basis in accordance with the catalogue and up to orders. For many years of its activity, JSC LenReactiv has created a long list of foreign and domestic suppliers. JSC LenReactiv has got an excellent reputation of responsible company in Russia and abroad.

Nowadays JSC LenReactiv, as a dynamically growing company, is interested in developing cooperation with producers of chemical products and labware. The cooperation with safe partners guarantees the maintenance of the company’s competitive advantages.

While choosing a supplier, the key factors are high quality of the products offered, reasonable prices, order execution in time, discounts provided and exclusive delivery terms. The contract presence and proper preparation of shipping documents are of extremely importance for us.

We welcome an ability of stock-to-stock delivery by supplier. Products can be delivered by any kind of transport. We have got our own railway branch and roofed elevated line for unloading coaches, containers and vehicle.

We are always ready to consider your partnership proposals! We hope to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with you!


Office Address: Saint-Petersburg, Shestoy (6th) Predportoviy proezd, dom 8, 196240, Russia 
Phone number: + 7 (812) 441 38 80
Fax: + 7 (812) 335 58 14
E-mail: info@lenreactiv.ru
Office business hours: 09:00 – 17:30 (Moscow time)


Year established: July, 2009
Business activity: wholesale and retail trade of chemical products, laboratory glassware and instruments, import, export, production.
Product list: more than 5000 products
Current total clients number (running contracts): more than 3000 companies and organizations
Number of employees: 95
Office area: 300 square meters
Stock area: 2 500 square meters
Production area: 1 000 square meters